When you require on-the-ground security services, our operatives ensure the safety of your staff and premises, making sure that any threats are dealt with effectively.

Our technology provision includes CCTV, access control and a range of intelligent solutions, are all supported through our 24/7 monitoring centre in Milton Keynes.

At the heart of security

Brooknight Security is an independently owned and operated company providing a range of security services to commercial, corporate, and retail customers.

With a UK presence, Brooknight is an established company and for over 28 years they have been providing services to a diverse range of customers.

Our growth and success have been based on providing a first-class service, whilst retaining values that are key to building excellent customer relationships; trust, integrity and a desire to deliver exceptional services designed specifically for customer needs and requirements.

Continually investing in technology, Brooknight has a 24/7 monitoring and control centre in Milton Keynes enabling us to enhance our services.

Innovative in our approach, Brooknight provides a free consultancy service and retains the services of other independent professionals in order to ensure the best security solution is implemented for each customer.

Brooknight Security – what people say

“Our partnership with Brooknight Security has seen the step change in service delivery we have been searching for. Finding the blend of individuals and skill sets that form the essence of a productive team has been the key driver. Officers are engaged and engaging and through the leadership of their supervisors and management, officers can now see the development opportunities and growth potential which takes the role from simply a job to that of a meaningful career.”

Benefits of Brooknight

Here at Brooknight, we value our customers and employees, and we always aim to work together as a team to get it right, first time, every time. For our colleagues who want to progress within our business, the sky is the limit.

  • Privately owned by our founder and CEO James Moyes

  • There has been significant investment in management structure

  • We have been recognised for our employee engagement

  • System and technology investment

  • Sector specific operations structures