Brooknight Security – experts in the field

Brooknight provides a blend of manpower and electronic security solutions to create an efficient resource for our customers. You can be sure that your business is in safe hands with the protection of electronic security and a committed team of individuals to provide support.

When called upon we respond quickly and efficiently, where we operate from our base in Milton Keynes which serves as our National Communication Centre.

Our electronic security systems

Access control

We have the capacity to design, install and maintain Access Control Systems across the UK. Our National Communication Centre works with a number of platforms which allow us to offer remote connectivity and provide remote access services for our customers.

Video analytics

Allowing real-time analysis of video streams captured by surveillance systems or analysis of pre-recorded video, video analytics is a powerful tool for protecting staff and assets whilst in retail optimising the customer experience through queue management and store performance.

System design and installation

We have access to a wide range of CCTV Equipment and can provide bespoke system design which meets the requirements of any environment. Our Milton Keynes National Communication Centre operates on all of the main CCTV platforms and we can provide full remote monitoring service, both live and reactive.

Brooknight Security – Integrated Electronic Security Systems

We continuously evaluate how technology can enhance our service delivery – either to complement manned guarding or to replace certain functions carried out by our teams. We have engaged with different companies to provide systems and technology which improve our service offering and add value to our customers.

We also have a fully established remote CCTV monitoring centre based in Milton Keynes with the capability to provide voice-to-voice communications and also allow remote access control if required. Our systems work on the vast majority of platforms, whether live monitoring or event-driven response.