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Updates To CCTV Systems Around The Country

Posted on: 28/05/2014

Updates To CCTV Systems Around The Country

These days, it seems that CCTV cameras are everywhere, seemingly watching our every move and making us feel like contestants on Big Brother. But what are the realities of CCTV systems? How are they used for good in our local area? And what are the latest developments concerning the cameras in our towns and cities? Here's a brief look at the latest CCTV updates in England.

What Are The Updates?
Recently, local councils have been finding ways to increase the effectiveness of their CCTV systems while cutting the costs associated with them. One way of doing this is by merging control rooms and using one single base for several areas. For example, Hart District Council and Rushmoor Borough Council have now merged their control rooms, with the central base in Farnborough now monitoring Aldershot, Farnborough, Fleet, Yateley, Blackwater, Hook, Hartley Wintney and Odiham. This new centralised monitoring means that thousands of pounds have been saved – for example, the replacement of equipment only needs to happen at one control room instead of two. Many local councils are also incorporating Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) into their systems (such as Barnet Council in North London), allowing police to track vehicles suspected of being involved in crimes in real time.

What Are The Benefits?
As well as reducing the costs of replacing equipment, thousands will be saved every year on running costs, savings that can be put towards better, more high-tech equipment that can be specifically focused on certain crime hot spots. This gives police a better chance of both preventing crime and catching criminals, and anything that helps to keep our local areas safe should be enthusiastically received by the public. In terms of Automatic Number Plate Recognition, there are many benefits. Over the last three years, CCTV cameras used for this purpose have almost doubled, meaning that 26 million images are generated per day from more than 8,000 cameras. While some may view these cameras as obtrusive and unnecessary, members of the police force rely on these images in order to track criminals and save lives due to dangerous driving. The national database currently has a staggering 17 billion images archived, making it one of the biggest archives of its kind in the world.

CCTV For Your Own Business
Now that you've seen how local councils are making good use of CCTV monitoring systems, perhaps it's time to look at your own remote monitoring needs. If you run a business or own some premises that could benefit from 24 hour surveillance, it's now easier than ever to get set up with your own CCTV system. Companies like Brooknight offer remote CCTV monitoring, keyholding and alarm response services in and around Milton Keynes, Edenbridge and Ashford, and using these services could save you both time and money, not to mention giving you that all-important peace of mind when you're away from your offices. Take a leaf from your local council's book and look into remote CCTV monitoring today!

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